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Stay the night, cook your fish, enjoy the fire!


We offer 2 different ponds with 2 different species of fish! We have fresh water Rainbow Trout and Catfish. Keep what you catch and we can even fillet it and pack it in ice for you! Click the icon above for pricing!

Additional Services

Got Bait!

Use your artificial bait or buy bait from us. No need to pack bait for the trip, just show up!

Rental Equipment

We have fishing equipment for rent! So head on over and fish for the day without packing a thing!

We Fillet!

If you don’t want to fillet your catch at our fillet station, we will be happy to fillet your catch and pack it in ice for an additional $1 per pound.  Then take it home or to your campsite and cook it up!

About Us

The Jones family settled in western North Carolina in the late 1700s and found fertile fields and abundant water. Danny Jones is a 4th generation native of Henderson County and wanted to make the best use of the family apple farm located on the eastern continental divide. The farm is blessed with clean, cool spring water at it’s source which is perfect conditions for trout. Danny’s father built the first pond in the 1970’s and raised trout for awhile. Now, a second pond has been built and we are the only operation in the area to offer trout, catfish, and bass fishing. So come on over to our Fish Camp and fish all day or stay with us at our primitive campsites! Want to know about pricing? Go to our Fishing Page.

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